Terms & Conditions

1. This Agreement is law enforceable and is not subject to cancellation or termination except by these terms and conditions.

2. The Advertiser agrees unless herein endorsed by the Company’s agent, to produce copy at the time of signing this Agreement, otherwise the Company reserve the right to produce the advertisement in the manner and form it considers suitable. If the advertiser(s) artwork is supplied by an outside design company, Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd. will not responsible for costs incurred for this service. The advertiser is responsible for this cost themselves.

3. The onus is with the advertiser to advise the company should an advertisement proof not be received. If no amendments are received and acknowledged by the company the original proof will be deemed correct in all respects.

4. No Advertisers shall enjoy preferential position on the program and no warranty is provided as to the size of the screen to be installed.

5. The Advertiser shall indemnify the company against all claims in respect of any alleged infringement of copyright, trademark or design or in respect of any passing o or slander or title arising in consequence to the exhibition of the advertisements in pursuance of this Agreement.

6. The Company reserve the right for any reason whatsoever to withhold, withdraw or refuse any advertisement.

7. The Company reserve the right to change the shape, size title and locale of the advertisement.

8. It is agreed and declared that this Agreement contains all terms and conditions between the parties hereto and the Company have made no warranty (oral or otherwise) except as expressly stated therein, and it is further agreed and declared that no monopoly rights shall be enjoyed by the Advertiser unless endorsed on the Agreement and initialed by the Company’s agent.

9. The Agreement relates to an advertisement which will appear on Review Systems TV. The date upon which the advert begins broadcasting will be the rst day of the Initial Advertising Period.

10. The production charge incorporates 4 changes per annum of artwork only if requested and forwarded by the client and acknowledged by The Company.

11. Where the business of the Advertiser is taken over by a new Proprietor (or where his business ceases or the nature of the business changes) the Advertiser shall nevertheless remain fully liable under this Agreement unless the new Proprietor noties the Company by recorded delivery of his intention to accept as his responsibility the terms already agreed with the Company by the Advertiser. Should, however, the Proprietor default in the performance of the Agreement the Advertiser will remain liable for any loss sustained by the Company.

12. If due to any circumstances the TV System in question ceases to operate (e.g the venue ceases trading), the company reserve the right to transfer the advertisement to an alternative system in their locality. If no other venue is available Review Systems Ltd. will calculate the period advertised and refund or collect monies where applicable.

13. If the client’s deposit or subsequent payments is/are paid by credit/debit card this will be classed as the preferred method of payment for the remaining balance within the agreement & installments will be deducted as per the payment schedule contained within the contract. The client also authorises Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd to take these payments using the details provided on the day of signing.

14. It is hereby declared and agreed that cancellation of the initial deposit cheque does not constitute a cancellation of the contract.

15. If the Advertiser should fail to make any payment or installment in relation to the Initial Advertisement Period, or any other period when due hereunder then the whole of the balance outstanding under this Agreement shall immediately become due and payable, plus costs of collection. Interest is calculated monthly and charged on the total amount outstanding. The current rate of interest is 8% above base rate of Barclays Bank. The client hereby consents to the jurisdiction of Birkenhead County Court for the resolution of any disputes hereunder.

16. The Company reserve the right to charge up to £25.00 for any of the following; unpaid, returned or recalled bankers cheques. Unpaid, returned or recalled cheques. Letters sent as a result of breach of this Agreement.

17. If payment of an installment hereunder is not made on the due date then the company have the right to withdraw the advertisement from the Program. The Advertiser shall nevertheless remain fully liable for the total contractual value outstanding under this Agreement.

18. No notice to the Company or the Advertiser shall be binding, valid or eective unless sent by recorded delivery post to the company’s address or the address of the Advertiser as set out overleaf (as the case may be).

19. The benefit of this Agreement is capable of transfer or other disposal by the Company (but not the Advertiser) to any third party in whole or in part.

20. Should Act of God, War of the Queens enemies or Act of Parliament or other Government action, strike action, postal delay, extreme weather conditions, force majeure, disaster conditions or any other reasons beyond the control of the Company, then the company shall be excused from carrying out the conditions of the Agreement until a normal situation had returned.

21. If the Advertiser does not wish for their advertisement to appear after the expiry of the initial Advertising Period, the Advertiser must serve notice in writing by recorded delivery or mail to that eect, to the Company no later than 1 month prior to end of the contract, failing which, this agreement will become a rolling contract equal to the length stated in your contract, at the same value plus artwork / production charge (where applicable). Payment for which will be taken as the original payment structure was agreed and start on the anniversary of the day of signing.

22. This Agreement shall in all respects be construed as an English contract subject to English Law.

23. Leaet holders may be provided to all venues with the aim of allowing additional advertising by the Advertiser. It is at the sole discretion of the venue whether leaets may be displayed at the venue and does not form part of the agreement.

24. Where sole rights to a category of business, product or service have been agreed these apply only to the immediate area of the Advertisers main place of business. Any sole rights agreement must be endorsed on the contract and is only valid for a period of 12 months from the rst day of the initial advertising period.

25. Unless agreed otherwise in writing all installment payments will be taken from the bank account from which the cheque used for payment of the deposit was drawn.

26. In the event of a fault with the equipment or electricity supply or other unforeseen circumstance resulting in the screen being inoperable, a period of time equal to that lost will be added to the initial advertising period at no extra cost.

27. Whilst best endeavors will be made to position the screen in the most prominent area of the venue, no warranty is provided as to the position of the screen and is subject to change without notice and unless endorsed, this agreement is for one screen per venue.

28. Should photographs or video footage be required for inclusion in the advertisement these are the responsibility of, and must be provided by the advertiser. Review Systems Ltd reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of any photographs or video footage it deems inappropriate.

29. The Term will be on a rolling agreement paid every 3 months. If you do wish to cancel the agreement please contact us on 01772 875536 or email us at info@reviewsystems.co.uk.

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